Saidia Förderkreis - Unser Team


Dietmar Peitzmeier Founder and 1st Chairman of Saidia-Förderkreis e.V.: “My faith and the values associated with it have always motivated me greatly to help people in need. It is a matter close to my heart to make a positive contribution to helping people in need and, in particular, to provide schooling for children so that they have the chance to escape poverty. This was my vision when I started the project in 2003”.

Henkel, Hinrich

Hinrich Henkel 2nd chairman and Treasurer  of the Saidia Support Group: “After my social internship in Namibia during my studies, I was looking for a new opportunity to volunteer for people in Africa. I am happy to be able to contribute my business know-how as a cash auditor and my creativity to the further development of Saidia-Förderkreis. The committed members make this association something very special.”


Daniel Manschke Board member and founding member: “Through my involvement, I can help shape how we use our membership and donation funds. I and the people around me are doing so well. I want to help the people who are not doing so well and who may not have been as lucky as I was.”


Stefan Jürgens cash auditor and founding member: “It fills me with great joy to support the people in Tanzania, to help them to help themselves and to observe very positive developments in the supported people and their families”.


Katharina Zymalkowski active member: “Together with my husband I lived in Tanzania for 9 years in the 1970s. All my 3 children were born there. Therefore I have a special relationship to the people and the culture in Tanzania and I am happy to be able to contribute my experience of the country and its people as well as my language skills to the work of the Saidia-Förderkreis”.


Christof Manschke active member: “Initially, I wanted to make a small contribution to the fight against poverty with my membership fees. Quickly, the enthusiasm of the active members also caught me. For more than 10 years, I have therefore also been passionately involved in the Saidia support group on a voluntary basis.”


Husna Hamadi Juma part-time project manager in Moshi/Tanzania: “I am very happy to actively contribute to the implementation of the projects on site since 2014, which are so valuable for our society in Tanzania. Through the projects and the daily work, I have also been able to develop personally and professionally.”


Mwajuma Ibrahim Juma part-time assistant in Moshi/Tanzania: “Since 2019, I have been supporting Husna in implementing the projects on site and I am happy for the chance to develop myself in project work while also giving people in my home country a chance to escape poverty.”