``Helping people to help themselves``

The Saidia-Förderkreis e.V. has built up a project in Tanzania in which “help for self-help” is lived. Target group: socially weak families with a monthly income up to approx. 15, – €. With the provision of animals and seeds, basic medical care on the one hand and a training program on the other hand, we support needy families to build up a life without poverty and hunger.

Social Center

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Saidia-Förderkreis e.V. maintains a social center where training courses and seminars are given and a sewing course is also offered.

  • Sustainable improvement of the existential situation of needy families
  • Living help for self-help
  • Transparent documentation
  • School support
  • Primary medical care
  • Sensible development and expansion opportunities

``Give and take``

We place an important focus on promoting the education of children by paying school fees.


With our “Give and Take” – Reconstruction Program 2011, we support needy families with dairy cows in connection with a seminar program.