Our vision is the sustainable overcoming of malnutrition, preventable diseases, poverty and misery and thus a future in which all people have the opportunities to take destiny into their own hands, to lead a desirable, happy life in dignity and harmony with their fellow human beings and nature. This more just future is the basis for reconciliation and lasting peace without flight and expulsion from one’s homeland.
There is still a long way to go to realise our vision, especially in the rural regions of Africa. But every journey begins with the first step. We set out together to walk this path and achieve our goals step by step. We achieve this through the targeted support of families who, due to family fate or economic circumstances, are not able to provide their children with the sometimes costly schooling and vocational training.

In this way, we give the children the chance to escape deep poverty on their own and later to support the whole family through an income they have earned themselves. With targeted livelihood support programmes (e.g. payment for sewing courses or the purchase of dairy cows), we lay the foundation for mothers’ and fathers’ professional livelihoods to support their families. And when people’s health is threatened by illness, we arrange and pay for targeted medication and medical care.
Thanks to the voluntary and financial commitment of members and donors, our Project has already come a long way towards fulfilling its vision and goals over the past almost 20 years. Nevertheless, so many more families and children deserve and need our support due to personal fates or the economic circumstances into which they were born through no fault of their own. With just a few more euros a month, we can save more lives, give more children an education and help more families to build up their livelihoods. Please support us on our way!