In recent years, our project work has changed in many areas:

Many of the primary school students of the past are now teenagers and young adults who want to do an education. Financing this education has become one of our main tasks.

If we now provide the young people with a good school and, more importantly, a good education, most of them will have a good start in their working lives and will be able to support their families financially. We are hereby giving them the opportunity that they can lead their families out of poverty with great security.

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Headmaster of Nkokashu Secondary School Erasmus Bartholomäus and first chairman Dietmar Peitzmeier of Saidia Förderkreis e.V.



Pupils of Nkokashu Secondary School



Pupils from different year groups of the Nkokashu Secondary School




The teaching staff of Nkokashu Secondary School in Masama-Mula together with the headmaster and Dietmar Peitzmeier.

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