The work of Saidia-Förderkreis in Africa is essentially aimed at supporting families living at the subsistence level so that in the future they will be able to earn three meals a day, a little money for medicine and the school and education fees for their children themselves.

Flora A. and Children before

Flora A. and Children after 2 years


Our aim is to reverse the negative spiral of life in which an unbelievable number of families are stuck, into a positive spiral of life. An example of a typical case: A widow who has to provide for five children earns about 30 € per month by selling bananas. Neither three meals a day nor additional school costs can be financed from this. The children and young people end up on the street.

Now the positive life spiral:
Subsidies enable mothers and young women to take part in a sewing course, for example. After about 1½ years of support, the mother is usually able to provide for the basic needs of her family on her own.

We are of the opinion that it is important to give these people a chance so that they can free themselves from their plight. And we have made the experience that people are very grateful when they get a chance and then also use it with strong will and great commitment. We select the families to be supported by experienced staff on site according to defined selection procedures. We are completely transparent about the use of our funds. Every disbursement is traceable through receipts.

We take great care to ensure that it is easy to understand how the project funds are used. Good documentation is important to us. On the one hand towards the Tanzanian authorities, on the other hand towards our donors.

The basic idea of our Saidia support group is to give charity in order to realize help for self-help for the people. Be also a chance giver, support also the people to whom nobody else gives a chance.